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Hope, my neighbour, has decided that while my resolutions are most worthwhile, I needed to add one more. Hence the progress report and updated, and fourth edition of Resolutions 2011.

What’s been achieved:

1. Go somewhere exciting in the next 30 days.  Progress: Thanks to American Airlines Air miles, hotel and flights are booked for Paris. Oh la la!

2.  Learn a language – Spanish? French?  Progress: Practicing my French as it will come in most handy as I order Crepes avec miel et sucre!

3. Learn to cook.  Progress: Downloaded Gordon Ramsey: Cook With Me on my iPad along with shopping list of ingredients for Hot and Sour Prawn Soup.  Love this app! It’s even set up with a message to invite someone to dinner. Who shall I invite?!

4.  Design a great outdoor entertaining area in time for summer.  Progress: Met with Malcolm, the architect to discuss budget and concept. Gardening company coming over tonight to discuss ground cover so I don’t keep losing the hillside every time it rains.

5. Only keep things in the fridge that should have fur (like that delicious smelly, furry, French goat cheese).  Progress: Cleaned out fridge and threw away anything that was well past its due date.  I also did the same with the packaged and tinned goods. Note to self – Fridge and cupboards now empty. Go grocery shopping. Urgent.

6. Learn how to mono ski (this might need to be broken down into stages). Progress: Ran into Kent Richardson, arguably Bermuda’s best water skier who taught me how to wakeboard moons ago and let him know my plans.   He’s on board!

Still to get started:

7.  Pay it forward

8.  Stay still long enough to enjoy sunsets and the heady bouquet of flowers. Get up early enough to enjoy sunrises (Cough. Battery drained on phone, alarm did not go off, woke naturally well after 8.00 a.m.  Oh dear. )

9.   Be fearless

10. Truly listen

11. Laugh more

12. Enjoy the moment

13. Give away any clothes that either are too old, too big, too small, out of fashion or haven’t been worn for more than two years

14. Volunteer

15. Read one important or profound novel a month

16. Learn at least three new words a week

17. Spend more time with friends

18. Get out of bed when the alarm goes off – really

19. Work smart not hard

20. Find my mother

21. Practice guitar religiously AND perform in a student concert

22. Be diligent and dedicated with my 300 (Spartan Training) programme

23. Wear something other than black

24. Send thank you letters than involve a stamp

25. Take a photography course and learn to use my SLR camera

26. Spend more time with Alex


27. Keep up to date with world affairs. Action Plan: Get up when the alarm goes off (resolution no. 18) and simply turn on CNN (or BBC –  thanks Raghida) while I get ready. Sounds easy enough….

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