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I realized the best shape I had ever been in was the year leading up to my wedding. I was diligent. I trained. I watched what I ate. I went to bed early. I drank water. I ran a half marathon. I felt invincible.

The results showed: you could bounce a nickle off my stomach and a dime off my biceps.  Well, sort of.

And while I am no longer married, it seemed I had also become estranged from any form of training.  Therein lay the basis for my resolution to fiercely follow the 300 Spartan workout (based on the movie of the same name) which I began on Christmas Eve. I mean, why wait for the New Years?  And why do something by half measure? This morning the second session was scheduled.

After setting my phone alarm for 6.30 a.m. and only pressing snooze twice, I hurled my body out of bed, knowing if I l hit it again I really would be late. Pulled on my neatly folded and ready to go work out gear (oh to be so organized). Cleaned my teeth, ignored my bedhead hair, kissed the pups goodbye, grabbed my healthy lunch made last night (I know!!), layered up and braved the brisk morning air.

Exhilarated to be up and out in 10 minutes, I took the steps, two at a time. No mean feat when you consider I live half way up/or down a hill (depending on your direction and perspective). To say the 87 steps are irregular is an understatement.  I am intimate with each and every one.

Threw my stuff in the back of the car and patted my jacket to make sure I had my phone. @#*%, I forgot my phone! Propelled myself back down the steps, burst into the house – pups didn’t even raise their heads – they’re used to this repeat performance. Tossed the bed, the six Russian down pillows, the pink throw, my kindle, the pc, the remote, the cat  … all in pursuit of my blackberry – nowhere to be found.

Bathroom?  Nope. Ktichen? Nope. Fridge? Nope.  #$%@, it must be in my handbag and I just didn’t see it.  Pelt back up the stairs again thinking at least I am getting a work out before my work out. Do I really need my bb today? That was as ridiculous as asking “Do ducks have lips?” And there was my bb snuggled away in the side pocket of my handbag along with some battered chocolate Maltesers.  Great – Breakfast!

“So we’re really doing this?” Colin asked as I skidded, Kramer style, into the gym just in the nick of time.

“Yup”. I replied. My heart still pounding.

“How were you after last week?  Your first session?”.

Well the truth was my face was flushed like a beetroot for the whole day and didn’t stop glowing until after lunch.  My arms didn’t stop shaking until mid morning and I couldn’t type until after I had a glass of champagne (we had a mini staff party at 10.00 a.m. complete with Yule log to celebrate Christmas Eve) but I was brave, I was fearless so I offered in response..

“Oh fine….. but maybe we should adapt the step ups…”

“Agreed. Let’s do this.” Colin declared. So I did. Session Two of the 300 work out.  Watch it here:

What’s your fitness New Year’s Resolution?

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