A Beautiful Bermuda Wedding: Rennie + Craig


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Nikki takes her passion for simple yet elegant designs, her extensive knowledge of local vendors, her obsession with flowers, and her practical financial background to deliver breathtaking weddings on time and within budget. It’s all about the experience!
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First, Nikki, a HUGE thank you to you, Tamisha, Marguerite and everyone on the staff.  You did a fabulous job responding to a very complex set of requests and plans.  The kids were very, very happy.  Wayne and I were enormously pleased and so was each guest.  The wedding itself and the dinner were designer-picture perfect!

Once again many thanks for your diplomacy and caring support helping me to deliver on my vision of the rehearsal dinner.  Craig called from Johannesburg to say that they had time to reflect on the entire weekend and it had been everything they had hoped it could be.  It was so wonderful to see the absolute joy and love on his face at so many moments, but most especially as Rennie came down the aisle.  So many, many thanks for helping Missie and me to deliver on our maternal visions.

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