A Beautiful Bermuda Wedding: Jennifer + Garth

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Nikki takes her passion for simple yet elegant designs, her extensive knowledge of local vendors, her obsession with flowers, and her practical financial background to deliver breathtaking weddings on time and within budget. It’s all about the experience!
hello & welcome!

With no diminution of Melissa’s contributions to Jennifer’s wedding, Sandy and I owe you our sincerest gratitude for “pulling off” such a perfect and beautiful wedding for our daughter.

You were indispensable! You were fantastic! You are the best!

Your constant presence via e-mail or on the phone made life bearable for the two women in my life – Sandy and Jen.

Your constant presence at the two dinners at Mid Ocean was witnessed by many of our guests, who asked us, in awe, “Who is that woman?”

You, Mrs. Nikki Begg, are truly unique – unlike any other. We are totally indebted to your skills and efficiency, your caring and giving, and your demeanor and personality.

With our sincerest thanks and best wishes,

Sandy and Mac (Parents of the Bride)

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