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Seth Godin is my marketing hero and guru. I live and breathe his words.  His thoughts are provocative. He makes you question ‘the system’ and everything you were taught to believe. He turns it all upside down, forcing you to be creative, to want more from life, to do better.

His blog yesterday was on Alignment. “Long-term brands and relationships are built on alignment”. That is both sides wanting the same thing, heading in the same direction. He cites several examples, one being A Perfect Relationship: “I want your company to help me, and your company wants to help me. We’re both focused on helping the same person.”

I thought it ironic how a perfect relationship can mean different things to different people. He’s all business and I am all about couples.  But I digress….

As a wedding planner I see many couples who are in perfect alignment. Who have really thought this whole relationship thing through. Who have worked at it and got it right. Where both sides want the same thing. And they work together to create something truly wonderful. They build a relationship that will stand the test of time.

As I sit at my desk, working with brides all over North America and beyond, in time zones always different from mine, I want to be able to be in alignment with them. I want them to say “I’d love Bermuda Bride to help me” and I want that person, who’s on the other side of the ocean to know and believe in their heart that we genuinely want to help them, we want to get it right; it’s an important reason of who we are and why we do what we do.

So I propose to you while you’re considering getting married in Bermuda: together, let’s create a stress free, fun, fabulous, memorable wedding. You find the right person and we’ll plan your destination wedding, just as you imagined! And with both of us wanting the same thing – perhaps Seth and I are in alignment after all.

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